The Write-Guard Policy

It goes without saying that if a business is destroyed by fire and it’s not adequately insured, then the business will struggle to survive.

But for publishers there is another hidden danger. For them it is not only fire and storm that can wreak havoc. They could simply, and quite innocently, print something which is not true or which can be misconstrued.

The result is a claim for libel, and if this happens court fees and legal bills can rocket, and even if the case is decided in favour of the publisher, financial ruin can loom threatening the business and even the individuals involved.

A publisher needs to insure against this risk, even though it is not cheap.

For the publishers of small circulation newspapers and magazines however, our “Write-Guard” policy helps keep costs under control.

To find out more please call 020 8754 8754 or send one or two recent copies of the publication to our Hayes office at;

312 High Street, Harlington, Hayes, UB3 5BT.

Write-Guard is underwritten at Lloyds of London or certain UK insurers.